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Obstetric gynaecology consultations in Fribourg

Dr Bastian Uffer, gynécologue à FribourgAt his gynaecology practice in FribourgDr. Bastian Uffer receives patients for the following consultations:



  • Annual monitoring
  • Screening for pathological diseases  (STDs, cancer, organic or functional disorders)
  • Discussion of all the different methods of contraception
  • Problems linked with cycles : bleeding, pain, irregularity ...
  • Comprehensive review of infertility for men and women: cycle study, tubal patency and semen test
  • Ovarian stimulation and artificial insemination
  • Termination of unwanted or pathological pregnancy: surgical termination at the General Clinic or drug termination in collaboration with the cantonal hospital
  • Menopause : discussion and medical aids for the problems associated with the menopause, and advice on phytotherapy
  • Advice on sexual health
  • Taking care of any necessary operations at the Clinique Générale or cantonal hospital
  • Senology : Dr. Bastian Uffer is an accredited doctor at the Clinique Générale (Genolier group) which includes the Breast Center, covering all breast disease, oncological or otherwise.



Dr. Bastian Uffer is a registered medical practitioner at the cantonal hospital

  • Monitoring of normal and pathological pregnancies : management of twin and multiple pregnancies as well as those of women over 40 years of age
  • Advice and monitoring for minor pregnancy ailments (weight gain, anxiety ...)
  • Collaboration with the cantonal hospital for delivery
  • Pregnancy monitoring in collaboration with Le Petit Prince birthing centre
  • Collaboration with a domiciliary midwife for monitoring during pregnancy and for the newborn if necessary
  • Conventional ultrasound pregnancy screening in the practice (ultrasound) - screening for different chromosomal abnormalities and malformations



  • Discussion and diagnosis of urinary problems : urine leakage, bladder pain, retention ...
  • Urodynamic examinations
  • Therapeutic care: physiotherapy, medical or surgical care


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Rue du Simplon 1 1700 Fribourg (SWITZERLAND)

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Monday to Friday from 9 am to 11.30 am and from 1.30 pm to 4 pm

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